Restoring the Planet, One Parcel At a Time

Restorative development is a holistic form of development that adheres to the principles of restoration to create balance between nature and human communities. It builds on the concepts of sustainable development, but goes further to incorporate a new paradigm of technology, science, and ethics.

Restorative development builds on the 3 core principles of sustainability which seek to balance the needs of society, the environment, and the economy for future generations to come. Sustainable development plays an important role in moving society towards the efficient use of energy and materials, including the sustainable management of ecosystems and resources.

Restorative development is a paradigm shift in the culture of the political economy. It exists beyond the geopolitical and economic framework of imperialism, militarization, and the corporate exploitation of our natural world. It is a fundamental shift away from a culture of war and towards a culture of peace. Restorative development nurtures the balance of human society with the political economy by fostering core principles around the human development of art, culture, and spirituality. It abandons the old mechanical view of science, and adopts the quantum view of science where nature and matter exist as waves of possibility, rather than as a fixed matter that can be understood simply as the sum of it’s parts.

Restorative development allows space for abundant possibilities to emerge, for the planet to heal and regenerate, and for democratic communities to live in freedom of fear.