All aboard! Our electric train is a neighborhood hit!

Electric Train Display Window

The train display windows at our retail location at 43rd and Fremont Ave. N. have become a neighborhood Icon….At least in eyes of the little ones. Eva had a vision of an electric model train in the window long before we even had a location chosen. As soon as the paper came off of the windows, a train was up and running. Since then it’s been the apple of the eyes of the neighborhood children. It’s certainly heartwarming to see the wonder on the children’s faces as they press their noses up against the glass or exclamations of excitement as they approach from across or down the street. We have actually received cookies and thank you cards from around the neighborhood. We love it and are so grateful that that community is appreciative. Admittedly it’s been a learning curve and some work to keep the engines running, but it’s totally worth the return.