Selling Without Selling Out – The Winner of the Green Home Tour’s 2014 Choice Awards is Moving the Industry Further

When property owner Dana Stream was approached by Isola Homes, one of Seattle’s fastest growing homebuilders she had something unique in mind for selling her urban in-city lot.  Stream didn’t want her property to turn into just another townhome community. She wanted to ensure that the builder focused on the design, health and wellness of the community for future generations.

Stream recently built a backyard cottage that won the Green Home Tour’s 2014 People’s Choice award showcasing her building biology principles to reduce electromagnetic fields of pollution (known has EMFs) in the home.

Stream was looking to push the industry further with the concepts she was incorporating into her backyard cottage when Isola approached her to purchase the Central District land.  Stream showed Isola Homes her building practices, and they agreed to take up the challenge of creating an EMF reduced home for the public, holding true to their company’s mission to innovate and build community with integrity in the marketplace.

Isola Homes’ Marketing Director, Noree Henderson reaffirms this by stating “At Isola Homes we are committed to building extraordinary communities which are founded on our core value principles of integrity, function and design.” In partnership with Dana Stream and her company Lifestream Solutions, we are pleased to be involved in offering a new way to live for our homeowners where the focus is on the benefits of health, rejuvenation and livability for modern lifestyles.”

“We want to demonstrate that developers will be rewarded with higher value returns by staying on top of trends that are important to consumers.” Stream believes owners have a role in land stewardship and can exercise that role at the point of sale.  Sellers can hold the industry accountable and help move progress parcel by parcel.  “Sellers have the option to be more discerning about who they sell to in a fast growing market and how they sell.  Selling for social impact is another trend we hope to see become more prevalent.”

We applaud builders like Isola Homes for their willingness to take risks to innovate and further define what it is to live in a healthy home. Development is a privilege and it will take more sellers like Stream to help move the market towards development that is restorative for both the planet and the wellness of its inhabitants.

by Eva Otto

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