Explore Seattle Co-Housing and Co-Buying Opportunities – Join Our Lunch & Learn May 2

Image of a Seattle co-buying and co-housing community.
Image of a co-buying and co-housing community in Seattle Washington

Join us at Infiniti Real Estate and Development in Fremont, Seattle, for an insightful Lunch & Learn session on Seattle Co-Housing and Co-Buying. This event will take place on May 2nd from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and features Ruby Grynberg from Salmon Bay Lending as our speaker.

Co-Housing is an innovative living arrangement that addresses key issues such as rising home prices, the need for multi-generational living solutions, and the desire for a communal lifestyle. Infinti Real Estate and Salmon Bay Lending are local Seattle experts with the right expertise to answer any and all of your questions. This model offers a collaborative approach to housing that not only enhances community bonds but also makes home ownership more attainable in challenging markets.

During the session, Ruby Grynberg will provide an overview of the contracts and lending considerations specific to co-housing and co-buying scenarios. Her expertise will offer attendees a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects involved in these alternative living arrangements.

Also present will be Infiniti’s designated broker, Eva Otto, and broker Rebecca Sayre, who will share their insights on the real estate processes and the implications of Seattle’s upcoming comprehensive plan update. This update is expected to increase opportunities for multi-unit housing, making it a timely topic for those considering innovative housing options.

This event is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about alternative housing models that promote affordability and community. Whether you’re exploring housing options for yourself or your family, or you’re simply curious about co-housing and co-buying, this session will provide valuable information and networking opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you to this informative event where you can gain insights into new housing possibilities and connect with experts in the field. Join us to explore how co-housing and co-buying might be the right choice for your housing needs.