A Hot Market Spurs Innovation

ImageThese days homes in the Seattle real estate market are moving so fast it’s difficult for homebuyers to find a new green construction or remodeled home that doesn’t have compromise (often location). There are very few new construction quality green homes available, and even fewer options at affordable prices in the urban core with few vacant land opportunities for building.

One could ask, what is a homebuyer to do who can’t complete in this hot market with all cash buyers for land/fixers and what are the homebuilders to do who don’t have enough land to build on to satisfy demand?

One solution local green builder Green Canopy Homes came up with in response to a high demand for modernized green homes and scarce land options is to offer homebuyers custom remodel packages. Now Green Canopy can contract directly with a homeowner to remodel their existing home, or remodel a home they buy on the market to reduce overall costs. This custom build option is a win-win because it reduces the extra costs to a homebuyer who buys a new home on market and it reduces risk to the homebuilder who doesn’t have to guess about how and where their homebuyer wants to live. Image

Green Canopy’s newest home Dinah in Ballard (currently listed to be on the tour) fortunately doesn’t have much to compromise over. It is unique to the tour because it will be the only new home to be constructed with solar powered roof shingles (how many of us have been dreaming about this day?!) This is part of the innovation of what made Green Canopy Homes the recipient of King County’s Sustainable Small Business of the Year award this past year. Their ongoing commitment to the communities they work in and the thoughtfulness in which they engage the neighbors from design to finish home is unparalleled. For example, Green Canopy Homes gives the community an option to vote on the exterior paint colors for each house they construct. Currently Dinah is up for a paint vote! Check out the Green Canopy website and cast your vote for this house today. Stop by Dinah on the tour and see the winning vote!Image,