Our People

Infiniti Real Estate & Development is a dynamic group of professional, experienced, licensed real estate agents who specialize in representing buyers and sellers. We bring a deep knowledge of the diverse urban neighborhoods that make Washington State a great place to live, work and play.  Our experienced professionals deliver the highest level of personalized service. We are  skilled negotiators and strong buyer advocates. We employ the latest technologies and creative marketing strategies to help buy and sell homes.

Our team understand the fundamental shifts that shape the future of real estate industry. They combine the best tools in business to find and evaluate real estate investment with vision and heart. We utilize technology, innovation and sustainability as the key drivers to help individual and institutional investors for the best value, and to prepare for emerging risks.

To find a good home? To invest in a profitable property? To rent a great space for business? Our brokers work with you in 360° solutions to identify, search, buy, sell, develop, maintain, manage, and handle real estate transactions and process. Whether it’s a house, condo, live-work, or co-housing space, we help you find a home worthy of your dreams.



We do more by helping our clients assess how a home might affect their health and lifestyle in the future, as well as how their purchase impacts the planet. We care deeply about the health of our clients home and the health of the environment. We specialize in marketing and selling green homes, because it is our passion. Whether you are buying or price or location you will always hear from us the best ways to green your property, or find a green property.