Featured Artist: Larry Halvorsen

Many Fremonsters have noticed that the train is back up in the window at our Fremont Ave location along with the featured works of local clay artist Larry Halvorsen.

Larry’s works make up the landscape for the train in our seasonal display window. Larry has a studio in Frellard (Fremont close to Ballard) and will also be featured at The Northwest Designer Craftsmen show at the Washignton State Convention Center, October 1- January 7.

Larry Halvorsen: Statement

“I have always been fascinated by the earliest art of mankind including stone tools, ritual objects and early pottery. The routine decoration of everyday objects. These inspirations and a lifetime of playing with line and pattern has guided me to my role as a contemporary object maker with reverence and respect for those who came before. My current focus is work for the wall, small tables and my first explorations the face. My pieces are created using a combination of hand building techniques as well as the potter’s wheel for production work. The predominate characteristic of my work is the use of the an ancient technique known as sgrafitto or etching through a colored coating to reveal the clay below, in my case black slip coating and white clay.” –L.H.


Come see Larry’s work at The Northwest Designer Craftsmen showing at the

 Washington State Convention Center

October 1- January 7

705 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
7am to 10pm daily
Level 2 Main Galleria


For a more personalized look at Larry’s work, Join his OPEN STUDIO on Sat Dec 1 & Sun Dec 2 located at 5805 14th Ave NW, Seattle 98107 from 10-5PM.



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