Cascade Built’s LEED Platinum Prefab

Seattle has certainly seen its share of LEED Platinum certified projects, and modular prefab construction continues to gain momentum here, but combine these elements for a custom designed single-family home that is now available for presale, and you have another Seattle first.

Cascade Built has been constructing new LEED, Built Green and Energy Star certified townhomes and custom homes for a number of years now, with a particular knack for maximizing the potential of postage stamp-size infill lots, which is why their latest project should be no surprise. This time around though Cascade Built founder Sloan Ritchie has taken it another giant step further. He’s gone prefab!

Alley House 2 by Cascade Built

Dubbed the Alley House 2 because of its location next door to the Cascade Built’s acclaimed “Alley House” built in 2008, this new single-family home will be prefabricated in modular components by Seattle-based, green prefab specialists Method Homes in their local production facility. Cascade Built chose a modular prefab build for its shorter building timeframe (approximately 2 months) and reduction in material waste (minimized to less than 5%). The prefab build also means the house will be constructed in a closed environment where exposure to elements such as rain, do not exist.

Designed by award-winning architect David Foster and targeting LEED for Homes Platinum certification (the highest certification possible), the Alley House 2 will have 1,697sf of living space, including 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, as well as the potential to convert the lower level (including fully conditioned 1-car garage) into an Accessory Dwelling Unit. The home’s modern aesthetic and open floor plan, drawing ample natural light, blends luxury with conscious living.

Pre-selling the Alley House 2 will allow Cascade Built to work closely with the new homeowner to customize the finishes that most impact their daily life. Among the choices to be made are whether or not to install a solar hot water and/or pv (photovoltaic) system, and a green (living) roof, all of which the home has been designed for, and would work to offset the home’s energy consumption.

The Alley House 2 is located in the heart of Madison Valley, just ten blocks from Seattle’s newly revived Pike/Pine corridor and new Light Rail station, and just one mile from downtown Seattle. The dates for craning-in of the prefab modules will be publicly announced in October 2011, with completion and scheduled open houses soon after. Stay tuned for updates – here and on our Facebook page!

Visit this featured listing on our website for all the presale details!

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