Green Concrete Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

Green Concrete Finishes

The first step in our green office build out was to clean and treat the floors. Karel Stephers, owner and installer at Paramount Specialty Contracting, explains in this video below his passion for concrete floors and highlights the green products we used with NO VOCs and completely biodegradable including GBS Industrial Strength Concrete Cleaner, Soy-Crete Stain, and Acri-Soy Satin Sealer. Green Concrete finishes

After Karel cleaned and applied the green concrete finish the floors, they looked great! Karel also helped us prep and cover the floors for construction. When our construction was finally complete, he came back to clean and retouch the floors. Thanks Karel!

Using green finishes was important to us because our office shares walls with apartments with families in a mixed-use building. Even if the cost is marginally higher, we want to make sure our choices are considerate of those around us, good for workers, and does no harm to the environment.

20170820_155824 concrete1

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