Eva Otto | Designated Broker | Owner | MES | LEED AP | Ecobroker

Eva Otto is the Owner and Broker at Infiniti Real Estate & Development and provides residential and commercial real estate services in the Greater Seattle area. Eva is a LEED Accredited Professional and an Ecobroker specializing in the green housing market. She earned her Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the Evergreen State College.

Eva works with a diverse group of clients including traditional homebuyers & sellers, land buyers, green builders, developers, and commercial tenants. In addition to her passion for real estate, Eva runs a development company that envisions restoring the balance between human communities and the natural world.

Currently, Eva is the board president for the Pacific Bamboo Resources non-profit which promotes the use of bamboo for sustainable development. Eva is a member of the International Living Future institute, the Commercial Brokers Association, the Northwest Eco-Building Guild, the Multiple Listing Service, the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future, the Global Interdependence Center, and the US Green Building Council Cascadia.

Prior to her work in green building and development, Eva gained over a decade of experience working on sustainability issues worldwide. In 2001 Eva worked for the WA State Office of Trade and Economic Development in Energy Policy. In 2002 Eva worked with the United Nations preparing a policy agenda for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. During her undergraduate and graduate education Eva spent seven years researching and working abroad on community and economic development in almost a dozen countries, including Costa Rica, Japan, India, and Brazil, and has carried out projects in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and restorative development.

Contact: eva@infinitiRED.com or 206.235.6925

2018    An Introduction to Eva Otto, and Infiniti

“From my perspective in real estate, housing is essential need – and it is treated as an asset,” Otto explained. We all need a place to live, she observed, and she wants to assist people in finding a home that serves the current needs of their family, including being a house they can afford. “My focus these days is on families,” she said. She’s working with families to find homes they can purchase, sometimes by creatively thinking ‘outside the housing box.’ “It is still possible to get in to this market,” Otto observed

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2017    Eva Otto Speaks on Co-Buying in Seattle

“Necessity has been the main driver of the co-buying experience,” said Owner/Broker at Infiniti Real Estate and Development Eva Otto knows firsthand after co-buying with her brother years ago.

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2015    Eva Otto Speaks on EMF Reduced Home from Stream’s Isola Homes Project

Eva Otto, Designated Broker at Infiniti Real Estate and Development and Stream’s real estate agent, lauds builders like Isola Homes who are willing to take a risk to innovate and further define what it is to live in a healthy home. Otto says, “Development is a privilege and it will take more sellers like Stream to help move the market towards development that is restorative for both the planet and the wellness of its inhabitants.”

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2014    Eva Otto Speaks on Restorative Development at Cascadia Seattle

Eva Otto, Owner & Broker of Infiniti Real Estate & Development will be speaking on how innovation and shifts in values are reshaping the framework of sustainability towards a Restorative Development paradigm. Our focus will include development from a balanced perspective and Biophilia/biomimicry – using nature as a design standard.

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2013    Eva Otto Speaks on Restorative Development at the Bullitt Center

“Shifting perspectives and enriching our view of sustainability is the aim of “Finding the Balance: Restorative                 Development & Regenerative Design” — a panel to be held November 12th at the Bullitt Center. It will feature local         thought leaders: Architect Jennifer Barnes of 55-5 Consulting, Engineer Colleen Mitchell of 2020, and Real Estate            Developer Eva Otto of Infiniti RED…”

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2013    Quoted in Jeff Speck’s new book Walkable City
“… Eva Otto, whose face adorns a testimonial on the Walk Score homepage. She is confident that ‘in a place like Seattle, walkability is the make or break for some buyers. It can add 5 to 10 percent to a person’s willingness to pay for a house…”
2012    Sewer Anywhere and Save

“This is the most innovative residential unit out there. I think it’s definitely pushing the envelope of what’s possible and what’s coming and what can happen even in urban infill. What’s exciting about this type of unit, if you’ve got land and you’re off the grid, you can go 100 percent off the gird. You can collect the water, it becomes portable, it’s a great filtration system. Even for infill, if you’re looking at taking the house off the grid and you’re reducing the amount of resources that are needed, that’s all adding to sustainability.” Eva Otto, Owner, Infiniti Real Estate & Development, talks about the E/One Sewer System, which makes tough sites buildable – and, cut the sewering costs up to 50%.

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2012    Paradigm Sustainable Prefab at Greenbuild

The modular home was designed by Bogue Trondowski Architects and built by Seattle-based Method Homes. The Paradigm Series currently includes three designs with one-, two-, or three-bedroom layouts of between 656 and 1,868 square feet. Pricing is yet to be determined but more detail will be forthcoming after Thanksgiving 2012.

*For more information about purchasing the Paradigm prototype contact Eva Otto at Infiniti Real Estate by phone 206-235-6925 or email eva@infinitiRED.com.

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2012    New Office Opening for Infiniti Real Estate & Development in Capitol Hill

Infiniti Real Estate and Development (Infiniti RED) is a women-owned, cooperatively managed real estate, consulting and development firm based in Seattle. They believe in integrity first, excellent customer service, innovation and adaptability, and work to integrate the principles of sustainability into all that they do.

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2012     Interview with Infiniti Real Estate

Eva Otto, Owner of Infiniti RED, says they focus on social media, online advertising and online optimization. They thrown parties, plan educational events and in some cases target young professionals in their workplaces or in green building classes at college campuses. She believes the Zhome resonates with Millennials because of the pressing concerns they have had to face growing up with the imminent threat of global warming and therefore it easily makes sense to their future lifestyle.

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2011    Eva Otto Quoted on Walk Score Website

“As a real estate agent, I always look at a property’s Walk Score, because price and location are the top two factors for my clients looking for a home.”

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2010 Eva Otto speaks on the future of housing at GreenFest 2010

Otto is the founder at Infiniti Real Estate & Development and provides real estate services and consulting both domestically and internationally. Otto is a LEED Accredited Professional and an Ecobroker specializing in the green housing market in Seattle. Prior to her work in green building and development, Otto gained over fifteen years of experience working on sustainability issues worldwide.
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2010 Infiniti RED announces the Sustainable Backyard Cottage Event

…Method Homes and Infiniti RED have joined forces to promote public awareness around one of Seattle’s most affordable infill housing options by hosting the Backyard Cottage Design Challenge Showcase.

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2008  Solar Power in Seattle? It May Not Boost a Home’s Price but Can Cut Energy Bills

…”Most sales are still based on price, location and design,” said real-estate agent Eva Otto, of Seattle’s GreenWorks Realty, which specializes in the green-home market…

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2007   Many Shades of Green

…A certification of green by a reputable program is the only way to weed out the good from the bad, said Eva Otto, a real-estate agent…

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2007   Greenworks Realty: Green House Hunters

… sustainable home guru Eva Otto guided me around this exciting market. What may surprise you is that their primary focus is not new green homes. While more new spaces are hitting the market all the time, they only comprise a small percent…

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2007   Going green can save the Green

…”Oftentimes clients don’t buy green homes because they’re not in the right location or they’re not the right price or they fall in love with something else,” said Eva Otto. “There’s also not that many green homes to buy.” …

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2007   What It Means to Live In a Green Home

…New green homes certified at the four- to five-star Built Green level often cost $50 to $100 more per square foot, depending on the certification level and the builder, said Realtor Eva Otto, of GreenWorks Realty, which specializes in green housing. In general, buyers will see an increase in cost of up to 5 percent for a three-star Built Green home, 10-15 percent for a four-star and up to 25 percent for a five-star, she said…

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2006   30 Ways to be green
Before, Eva Otto worked on the United Nation’s World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa and other international projects. She says she’s still trying “to create health in homes for the buyer and for the planet” ––– by selling real estate…
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2005   Green Homes Catch On, But Big Cost Savings are Tough to Achieve

…Eva Otto, a real-estate agent and developer at GreenWorks Realty in Seattle, a firm that specializes in green homes, estimates that building a home with top-of-the-features such as solar-powered electricity or advanced moisture-control systems can cost 15% or more than a comparable traditional property..

2005  Innovative Design Respects the Environment, Protects Wildlife
 …Eva Otto reports that the low-impact development (LID) project will feature minimal site disturbance, green signle-family homes and a community enhancing site design…
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2005  Goats Get Busy at GreenWorks

…plans to make restoration of an adjacent wetland a key component of the LID process. Restoration plans include replanting native species and removing invasive species from the area 10 feet inside the wetland to 100 feet beyond the wetland’s border within the development. According to assistant project manager Eva Otto, GreenWorks is committed to managing the wetlands restoration over the next 10 years…

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