Green Building Trends in 2010

Keeping an eye on upcoming green building trends is an important part of our work, and each new year brings a plethora of new predictions. Will the green building industry boom this year? How far will the envelope be pushed? What will homeowners and buyers be paying attention to. All good questions, and there are many answers flying around out there. Here are a few top green building trend reports we’ve enjoyed reading:

1. Top Ten Green Building Trends for 2010 by Seattle-based Parsons Public Relations
2. Top Ten Green Building Trends to Watch in 2010 by Oregon-based Earth Advantage
3. Jerry Yudelson’s Top Ten Green Building Trends

We’d also like to offer our own ‘trend’ – affordability. We happen to think that given the current economy, the biggest thing on everyone’s mind is saving money. Well duh right? But, affordability is an undercurrent of many of the predicted trends –

Zero Energy Home by Rolling Bay Land Co.

Right-sizing of Homes
Green Retrofitting
Energy Labeling
Water Conservation
Green Modular
Performance Monitoring
Zero Energy Homes

It’s all about maximizing the payback of your dollar, which means paying closer attention to performance, quality and durability. A home that saves you money in production, energy, maintenance, operation and health, now and in the future, is definitely more affordable. So, if tightening wallets means tougher scrutinization, we think that’s a positive thing!

Regardless of exactly what steals the spotlight this year, there is no doubt that the green building industry will continue to grow and there will be many exciting new advancements to come.

Best wishes in this new year everyone!

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