Green Home Appraising Course for Agents Offered at zHome

Green & ENERGY STAR Home Appraising: How Agents Affect the Process

The zHome team is pleased to be offering this new clock hour course for real estate professionals on-site at zHome on Jan 10th, 2012! Register today to reserve your spot.

This 7 clock hour CE course is designed to give the real estate agent in WA a thorough knowledge of green and energy efficient features and their benefits from the appraiser’s perspective. You will learn to identify the specific components of green and energy efficient homes with an understanding of the added value these components bring, as well as which components have social/marketing value and which have quantitative value.

Agents completing the course will know exactly how to work with the appraisal process to the benefit of your clients.


Fiona Douglas-Hamilton
President, NW EcoBuilding Guild & Founder of Social, Environmental & Economic Consulting (SEEC LLC), an education firm specializing in the inter-relationship of valuation and sustainability.
Robbie Currey
Certified Real Estate Appraiser, McCabe Appraisal. Robbi co-wrote the curriculum, was hired by the Green Building Value Initiative and incorporates appraising green homes as one of her ‘Competencies’.

Date & Time: Tuesday, January 10th, 2012, 8:30-4:30pm, zHome site tour 4:30-5:30pm

Course Cost: Pre-registration $50 ($95 at the door). Includes handbook and site tour.
To register go to:

Course Info: Green & ENERGY STAR Home Appraising: How Agents Affect the Process, C7185, 7 WA State CE Clocks Hours

Directions:Take Exit 18 on I-90, head N on Highlands DR, turn right on High St & look for the homes with the solar panels! Parking available on adjacent side streets.

The Infiniti RED team will be attending, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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