Ecovillages & Sustainable Communities Presentation

Save the Planet AND increase Quality of Life
(Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities: Models for 21st Century Living)

By John L Talbott, PE (Findhorn Foundation)

Tuesday, January 26th, 7-8pm, Capitol Hill
Space is limited! Please RSVP

How can humanity create truly sustainable settlements for the 21st century and beyond which preserve, maintain and enhance the earth’s natural environment and ecosystems? At the same time providing for the increasing human population in the developing world rising out of poverty and aspiring to the middle classes?

John will speak on the progress of the Findhorn Foundation, from its early beginnings as an aging caravan park to a world-class sustainable community, now used by the United Nations as a training venue for sustainability.

Yes! It’s possible to live sustainably and increase quality of life without trashing the planet.

And, if it can be done in the north of Scotland, then surely we can do it here in the Pacific Northwest!

About John

John is a professional engineer and former Director of the Findhorn Ecovillage Project, a demonstration centre for sustainable community in the far north of Scotland. Findhorn is an established community of more than 400 permanent residents and a centre for adult education with 15,000 annual visitors. John is also a founding member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) which currently holds consultative status with the United Nations.

For more than twenty years John had the leadership role in establishing the overall design and development strategy for the site; creating ecological building standards and infrastructure, designing, financing and construction of the project. This included 80 individually designed buildings, a 75 kW wind turbine and a state of the art ecological sewage plant. He is the author of Simply Build Green, a technical manual for ecological building and has lectured widely on the subject of sustainable community.

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