Build a Home

The team at Infiniti Real Estate & Development knows it can be especially difficult to find the right home in the Seattle area. When faced with the current tight housing supply, more of the buyers we work with are pursuing the option of building their own homes. Custom building offers an incredible opportunity to exactly suit your family’s lifestyle needs, while also realizing the equity in a new construction home.

Beginning with land acquisition, INFINITI RED can help navigate the many exciting and complex dimensions of building your home. Our skilled agents know what to look for when evaluating land parcels, including how your new home will comply with zoning and regulations, how it will get water and sewer supply, and what critical areas might be affecting the site’s geology.

From there, our real estate agents can help connect you to the best builders and remodelers in your targeted local area. If green home features or certifications are critical to your desired outcome, our experts are well trained to help you certify your project or find the right eco-builders. In fact, INFINITI RED experts have a personal passion for helping clients get more familiar with green homes or learn about broader green real estate options.

From concept to construction, from land acquisition to full occupancy, our professional team is at the ready to support the complete development cycle for your new home. Let us guide you in finding the best green builders and prefab companies in Seattle or Washington state. Contact or call us today: 206.363.3550.