The Roost – A New Affordable Urban Co-Living Community

Introducing-The Roost – 901 Hiawatha Pl S, By David Neiman

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Cedar frond entry mural by Urban Atrworks

The Roost is an innovative new micro housing development designed from the ground up as affordable market rate housing aimed at supporting and strengthening Seattle’s arts community.  As part of our launch, we are doing extensive outreach to artists and arts organizations. We hope that you will assist us in spreading the word about this project via your own social network.

The Roost – Seen from Hiawatha Pl S and S Charles S

Affordable Urban Co-Living

The Roost is a unique project, unlike anything we have ever designed before. Most of the units are double height spaces with a small bed loft, freeing up room on the main level for work space or living room furnishings. They function more like one-bedroom apartments than micro-units. Nine of the units are set aside as income and rent restricted units, available to qualified applicants at rents significantly below market rate. The building also has a large commercial space on the first floor . We have reserved this space for an arts non-profit, furnishing the non-profit with a long-term home while also providing our tenants with services and/or cultural resources for artists and people in creative fields.



The rents listed below are averages. Individual unit prices may vary slightly based on unit size and location.  Wi-Fi service and utilities are included for all units (at no additional charge). MFTE units are available to individuals with annual incomes of less than $28,100.

Unit Type Quantity Avg Unit Size Avg Monthly Rent
Small Units 2 160sf $950
Small Units – MFTE 2 160sf $702
Large Units 2 330sf $1300
Units with Outdoor Patios 2 250sf $1350
Loft Units 18 245sf $1200
Loft Units – MFTE 7 245sf $702


Unit Features:
Most of our units are double height lofts, with the bed space lifted up to provide a clear space at the main level for a work area or living room furnishings. The loft units feature thoughtful built-in amenities, unique custom finishes, and generous natural light and ventilation. Each unit has a private bathroom, a built-in wardrobe, and a kitchenette with a compact refrigerator, sink, and microwave. The cabinets were built out of fir plywood by a local cabinetmaker on Vashon Island. The flooring was custom-made using photographs of cedar fronds that we collected from Al Larkins Park in Madrona.


Typical loft space fits a queen sized bed



Custom fir plywood cabinets and cedar frond photo-print flooring

Common Amenities:
Just off the main building entry is a large common area containing a kitchen, dining table, laundry, mail room, TV lounge and a meeting space. The common room is a public counterpoint to the smaller, private units. It provides a community center for gatherings, casual meetups, movie nights, weekend dinners, and more.

Smaller common kitchens on both the 2nd and 3rd floors provide tenants with some additional food preparation areas convenient to their rooms. These features create more opportunities for chance encounters among neighbors as part of the day-to-day living experience.

A secure room for 26 bikes is located in the lower level and is accessed directly from the alley. Small rental storage areas are available as well. Building-wide Wi-Fi is provided free of charge for all tenants

The project is targeting Built Green Five Star certification, a comprehensive third-party verified green building program. Built Green requires performance above and beyond conventional building standards in a number of categories, including site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and resource efficiency. Based on our modeling, we expect energy usage to be about 1/3 that of a conventional apartment building. A rooftop solar array will provide 85-90% of the domestic hot water for the building.

Support for the Arts
We are currently looking for an arts-oriented nonprofit organization to become our primary commercial tenant. We aim to provide a long-term home for an arts organization while also providing our tenants with services and/or cultural resources that would be useful to artists and people in creative fields.

To inquire about renting a unit at the Roost or to schedule a tour, contact Revel Property Management at:

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