Eva Otto speaks on Emerging Solutions to the Northwest Housing Crisis

Eva Otto speaks on Emerging Solutions to the Northwest Housing Crisis

Wednesday February 28th 6:30pm

Phinney Neighborhood Association (Lower Brick Building)

As more than 1000 people are arriving to the Seattle metro area each week seeking gainful employment and the northwest lifestyle, more and more middle and lower income residents find themselves being economically stressed to stay in their own homes. Higher rents, property taxes, and city congestion are draining savings accounts and forcing families to relocate to sprawling suburbs or into smaller accomodations. Tragically, this crisis inflicts a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable including seniors, communities of color and the disabled.

This session is the first in a three part series on alternative housing options for the 21st century and will address the pressures on affordable living in Seattle. Join us to explore solutions to displacement and increasing homelessness that former mayor Ed Murray declared as a state of emergency nearly two years ago. Our speakers will share an analysis of the policy constraints to achieving affordable living and their solutions. Among the options: tiny homes, apodment living, small efficiency dwelling units, co-housing, property partnerships, and broad policy reform opportunities.

Our Speakers:

David Neiman played a pivotal role in Seattle’s emergence as a microhousing leader with Neiman Taber, designing several buildings prior to 2014. Learn how regulatory and administrative hurdles have altered the affordable microhousing market in Seattle, and what role Small Efficiency Dwelling Units will play in upcoming urban development

Eva Otto of Infiniti Real Estate & Development is an Ecobroker specializing in the green housing market. She will discuss aging in place without social isolation with co-living and shared-ownership models and how inter-generational models provide stability and security for growing community.

A partner in Seattle’s Block Project, Rex Holbein is addressing homelessness by taking a can-do approach to helping those in his community. Now with a resident living on his property, learn how he is making good neighbors with those who need a roof over their heads and his vision for creating affordable housing for no-income neighbors.

William Thompson has designed and built a home on wheels. His vehicle doesn’t look like a tiny home, but he’s quite cozy parked in an industrial parking lot, campground, or curbside. Learn what modifications he made to a simple box truck to make it livable and why he chose a life on wheels in Seattle.



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