April 8th: Homeless Solutions in Seattle with Charles Durrett

Friday, April 8, 2022
7:30 PM 9:00 PM
UFM- University Friends Meeting
4001- 9th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA, 98105

Come join us in creating a ground swell of movement to help get Seattle homeless citizens safely and affordably housed. Author/ Architect and Activist will be speaking about his book, “A Solution to Homelessness in Your Town” and discussing the methods in this book that helped house a homeless community in Valley View, CA and how this process can and is being applied in other communities.

This live event will be at University Friends Meeting (UFM), 4001-9th Ave NE, Seattle @7:30 on April 8th.

The presenter will be Charles Durrett, a prominent advocate for cohousing who is credited with introducing the cohousing model to North America.  Charles and his partner Kathryn McCamant designed Muir Commons, the nation’s first cohousing community, and he has designed or consulted on the design of over 50 cohousing communities in North America and around the world.  He is the recipient of numerous awards from the American Institute of Architects and others, including the United Nation’s World Habitat Award in 2001.  His work has been featured in Time Magazine, New York Time, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Architecture, Architectural Record, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and a wide variety of other publications, as well as the MacNeil/Lehrer Report, the Today Show, and dozens of other national TV shows.

Charles has been a major proponent of senior cohousing, which are residential communities specifically designed for seniors.  He has now turned his attention to the nation’s homelessness challenge.  Through his new book, A Solution to Homelessness in Your Town, Charles has outlined how the cohousing model can be used to provide permanent housing to the many people currently residing in the tent encampments, cars and RV’s, and shelters in our cities.  Most importantly, he is hoping to lay the groundwork for a model cohousing project for unhoused people living in Seattle.